Sunday, April 03, 2011

A week away.

Spent a week away in the Cotswolds and it seems while I did Cameron has shown his true colours yet again. Losing his temper and dispensing petty, personal jibes yet again at prime-minister's questions and then his government try to bully the BBC and criticise them for describing the budget cuts as "cuts" and try to get them to use the word "savings".

Do us a favour, if you aren't upto the job call and election and f*ck off. You took millions upon millions of Ashcroft's money, got the media under your control and STILL didn't win the and your Lib Dem quislings have no mandate from the people of this country so stop acting like any disagreement to your ideological dismantling of the country's public services is beyond the pale....think of all those vile personal attack Gordon Brown endured....if your skin isn't thick enough for the job quit now.

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