Monday, July 26, 2010

Labour Leadership

Went to the Garston & Halewood Constituency Labour Party meeting last Friday. They gave their support to Andy Burnham after a vote of the members. A lot of love for the local lad but also a lot of respect for the way he listened to people and took their concerns back to Westminster.

Overall there seemed to be a lot of support for the Miliband boys as they were saw potential prime minister material, this viewpoint was opposed by some others who rejected the notion of just picking the candidate who was most likely to get Labour back into power. They picked Diane Abbott although how they can hold her up as the candidate with the principals after her private schools u-turn is a bit beyond me.

For my part I think we need a candidate who will appeal outside the heartland and one who will bring the party together...for me that's Ed Miliband. He seems to have broader appeals than David and seems to command support from a broader spectrum of the party. Ed seems passionate and engaging and I think people will see that and begin to look at Labour as a party that is changing.

One thing that does fill me with condfidence is that there is a great crop of candidates there and the tone of the debate is friendly and, dare I say it, comradely. Looking forward to the debates.

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