Friday, February 26, 2010

Explanations please : Sporting Lisbon 3-0 Everton

Can someone explain how that happened. Everton were ABJECT. Not inexplicable in itself, we’ve been crap enough for me to know when we deserve a hiding. Last night was bizarre because from the first whistle we just looked miles off the pace. They played like they were in a coma...BUT we are arguably the best team in the Premier League at the moment.


So that’s it...a tame fluffing of our lines and our season is looking over with nothing to hope for except the FA Cup going to form and someone above us going into freefall.


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Anonymous said...

his elbow still hurts? we feel very sorry about the beautiful goals that we scored yesterday! Greetings from Lisbon! for the next visit promised more goals against you, your stupid pigs!