Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cheatball, diveball etc etc

As regular readers know we here at GarstonTowers love rugby union only marginally less than footy.

We are however regularly faced with a fair bit of lazy snobbery for rugby fans (almost as bad as the inverted snobbery rugby fans get from the footy types). Cheatball, diveball etc etc. Heard it plenty of times....what's happened with this Harlequins fake blood-replacement affair is one of the worst examples of cheating I can remember in sport. To have a blood pellet in store for just such an 'emergency' is absolutely shameless.

What is just as pathetic is thar the authorities have decided not to take action against Dean Richards the coach...or the physio who administered the fake blood....rather just a fine for the club and a banfor the player.

Head burying of the highest order.

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Blue Merchant said...

Agree with you completely Stu. I go to rugby regularly to remind myself that sportsmen can compete with the need to behave like footballers do. But the whole thing is a mess. The fake blood was straight out of some ham drama down at the local village hall. Appalling.