Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hard work

I'm still recovering from my week in Lourdes so I can't see this being a particularly interesting post. My fatigue wasn't helped by having a 18 hour stag do oddysey to deal with the day after travelling up from the south of France by train and plane.

Still, nice to know I can still pull my tripe out when required.

Lourdes (my "Voluntary work" in "The South of France" was great, hard work but great. Fantastic bunch of people to work with. The Esplanade team just seems to get better and better each year. Nothing is too much trouble for anyone and the hard work, planning and common sense that goes into it shines through. I am not blowing my own trumpet, I'm just the minorest of minor parts but it such a great thing to be involved with. It's great that everyone descends on France for their week (1,500 for Liverpool this year)...seeing people you've not seen for, well, 51 weeks. Working hard and having a drink in the evening. Can't say enough good things about it and to thank everyone individually would only embarress people.

My lack of linguistic ability got criminally exposed by a French family we had dinner with....really must do more to learn languages when I go to places. One of the lads we work with held a conversation with one of the sisters we were talking to in no less than 4 languages....all this whilst I sat there with my basic GCSE French "Jai voudrais un bier sil vous plait" & "Je suis tres fatigue" is not good enough really. Merci Helene, Evelyna et Eric pour les lessons Francais(? Hope that's right).

Our Saturday after I got back I was up and out at 8am and down to Nottingham to go White Water Rafting at the National Watersports Centre. This was FANTASTIC. Recomend it to anyone....just remember to apply lots of sun cream. My shoulders are still red and painful.

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